écho's Artists

Maiko Nagao

Painter & Graphic Design

Maiko is a Kiwi artist and designer, living abroad, with her husband and their two boys.

Most of Maiko's inspiration comes from an absolute love of flowers. Her palette is always filled with all the warmth and joy it can contain. Maiko dreams of her art filling homes with love, hopes and many many dreams.

See more of Maiko's Designs on her website here.

Steph Chapman

Contemporary, vibrant

Based in Geelong, Australia, Steph creates vibrant statement pieces, with bright abstract botanicals often at the fore.
Steph’s pieces have been seen in House and Garden UK, Origin Magazine, GT Magazine and Murze Magazine.
Steph believes that surrounding yourself with colour that calls to you is good for your soul and
encourages everyone to embrace more colour.

See more of Steph's artwork on her website here.

Lydia Batts


Lydia, an Auckland based artist and designer, has a vision to create beautiful spaces in homes across the world.

Her beautifully hand-painted designs use a mix of watercolours, acrylic paints, pencil and art pens. Her main inspirations are drawn from New Zealand’s stunning natural landscapes and botanical gardens.

See more of Lydia's Designs on her website here.

Chantelle Shaw

Neutral, minimalistic

Chantelle’s creative motivation is to help others first hand in designing beautiful spaces. She believes in a simpler approach that values quality over quantity, knowing that things do not have to cost a lot to capture our attention and/or hold special meaning.

Chantelle has a Bachelor of Design with Honours in Spatial Design and has been honing her craft contributing to commercial and residential projects in Tauranga, as well as starting her own business in 2019.

Her art, influenced by her beliefs, is minimalistic and capativing.

See more of Chantelle's design work on her website here.

Jonny Scott

Lifestyle, fashion and commercial photography

For Jonny, photography is a tradition his grandfather and father passed down through an old film camera. His love for photography grew from capturing his family's most meaningful moments: christenings, birthdays and anniversaries. His professional career has seen Jonny published in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle and Together Journal. As well as photography Jonny loves to travel, which wouldn't be the same without his wife Pia and their two children.

These days, Jonny focuses on his family, his career and what matters to him most. His craft is to express, timelessly, the bonds of love we share and celebrate on the days that define us.

See more of Jonny's incredible wedding Photography on his website here.

Helen Manson

Humanitarian and Travel Photography.

A bit about: Helen is a multi-award-winning Kiwi humanitarian photographer and storyteller. Her work has taken her around the world to some of the most challenging environments documenting famine, refugee settlements, post war environments, child sponsorship, micro-enterprise, trauma counselling
and disaster zones.

Inspiration: “The beauty of any journey worth taking is that wherever you get off the plane
you’ll see much that is wonderfully strange and much that is endearingly familiar. I hope my photographs break down the barrier between “us and them, there’s only ever been us.”

See more of Helen's photography on her website here.

Jasmine Kroeze

Original art and murals

Jasmine lives oceanside in Papamoa with her husband and their children. Jasmine is a self-confessed detail-obsessed, chocolate-devouring plant killer.

Jasmine’s happy place is creating art, working with original artwork and digital media. Her designs have been printed on stationery and textiles and installed in private homes, commercial interiors and large-scale exterior murals.

See more of Jasmine's Designs on her website here.

George Botha

People, Landscapes, sport, Ocean, wildlife and Aerial with a different perspective.

I love photography as it is more than just pushing a button and hoping for the best. Photography is art, an art that brings life to a moment and captures a moment that would have just been otherwise forgotten. Photography is not just something I do; it is part of who I am. From a very young age having a camera in my hand just felt right and gave the world a whole different perspective that I wanted to keep exploring.
George is an award-winning photographer, his work has made it into some of the world's top photography magazines, and clients around the globe have commissioned photos of his.

Michelle Neale


A rural New Zealand lifestyle accompanied by her husband and two boys, spending days designing and creating is Michelle’s dream come true.
Painting has been a part of Michelle’s life as long as she can remember with her Mum also being an artist. As well as her long relationship with painting, Michelle also draws inspiration from regular walks in her beautiful backyard which you can see clearly in her breathtaking contemporary pieces.

See more of Michelle's artwork on her website here.

Lena Baumgartner

Australian abstract Artist, Lena Baumgartner... Range coming soon...

Siobhan Liew

Bio coming soon...

Jade Carnell

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Sheree Smith

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Lucy Rice

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